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  1. Database update

    May 3, 2018


  2. 10 year anniversary!

    Sep 1, 2016
    Today 10 years ago I posted the link to The Donnas Tour Database on The Donnas official forum and the site was born.

    I had worked on it alone for some time. Added the shows I knew about myself which wasn't that many.
    Later I got a lot of help from a list of shows my friend Franck from the board had worked on. With the help from that list the original database had at least a decent amount of shows from the beginning.

    But on September 1, 2006 I felt it was time to make the site public and get help from all the wonderful donnaholics that hanged on the official board.
    With a lot of help from fans and plenty of research the site now has 783 shows in the database.

    A few milestones:
    • 2006-09-01
      Site first made public using the address -
    • 2006-11-13 (or around that time)
      Changed address to the current one -
    • 2009-03-22
      New layout. Added the ability to show news with information about changes in the database.
    • 2011-06-06
      Changed to the current site with a small community and the ability for users to comment on each show etc.
      Also added lyrics, discographies and more to the site.

    With the band not being active since 2012 it hasn't been much additions to the database of late.
    The plan are still to keep the site alive though. Hopefully it can be of use to new and old fans even in the future. :)



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